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Tree Removal


Tree removal in New River Valley, VA, is a specialized service that requires specific tools, from technical lowering equipment to bucket trucks and climbers. Let us asses your trees' specific needs to ensure the safety of your property, surrounding structures, and our safety. Whether it is for cosmetic, problematic trees, home additions, dead or dying trees, or evasive root damage to your property, tree removal can be a necessary process to ensure employee, personal, or commercial property safety and future structural protection.


We specialize in Hazardous Takedowns and High-Risk Limb Removal. From unsafe limbs surrounding high-traffic walkways to limbs that have grown over your roof or driveways, we have the knowledge, experience, and proper equipment to handle any job big or small.

Tree Removal with Crane

Tree Trimming

TREE trimming

We recommend regular tree maintenance every 1 to 3 years! However, to ensure safety to you and your property, schedule a FREE tree consultation annually. Tree Pruning is a necessary step to maintain healthy growth patterns and the longevity of your tree. Tree Pruning ranges from removing dead or dying limbs and problematic limbs to thinning, healthy crown height reductions, and uplifts.

Proper Tree Pruning Keeps Your Trees Healthy!

proper tree trimming

  1. Selectively pruning limbs to promote proper long-term structure of young trees as they mature.
  2. Elevating lower limbs for height clearance.
  3. Removing major deadwood to keep safe and reduce the spread of insects and disease.
  4. Removing any crossing or rubbing branches.
  5. Thinning the canopy to allow more sunlight, and for wind, snow, and ice to pass through easier.
  6. Clearing limbs from any houses, structures, lights, wires, parking, or pedestrian areas.

Professional Tree Trimming


no topping

Topping is when you drastically reduce the height or shape of a tree and leave stubs. This is the worst thing you can do for any tree, and we strongly advise not to do it to your trees for the following reasons:

  1. It will permanently compromise the structure of your tree.
  2. Stubs will begin to decay and spread down through the tree, causing decline and even death.
  3. Stub growth may regenerate from decaying stubs, twice as fast and twice as dense.
  4. Stub growth will likely start to break off and fall from decaying stubs.
  5. Insects and disease will likely infect the decaying stubs.
  6. Your tree will become structurally weaker and require more effort to maintain each year.

stump grinding

Whether you have had one tree or many removed from your property, the remaining stumps can either be a nuisance in your lawn or continue to damage the foundation or underground utilities. Stump Grinding is the most affordable, noninvasive process for stump removal. Stump Removal is sometimes a necessary step following your tree removal process. Certain types of tree species will continue to retain water and growth after the tree has been removed. Stump grinding services can be a necessary step to allow the natural decomposition of the remaining stump and root system.

Stump Grinding

Lot Clearing

lot clearing

If you want to open up more usable land, rid yourself of that pesky underbrush, or build your dream home, we can assess your plans and objectives in order to provide you with your unique Lot Clearing program. Our extensive knowledge in Grading/Drainage and Landscape Installations helps us serve you better from start to finish and keep any unexpected stress from happening during the construction.


Tree Emergencies can be stressful and even traumatizing. That is why we are on standby 24/7 to serve clients at a moment's notice and begin the cleanup process so your property can get back to normalcy as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let us handle the heavy lifting!

Emergency Services


With any emergency situation, safety of human lives and pets are priority one. Always use caution when inspecting tree damage on your property. Fallen trees and limbs may have tension and snap or shift unexpectedly. There may also be energized fallen power lines nearby.


Whether a tree emergency occurs during a severe storm or on a calm day, our staff specializes in helping you through unexpected tree emergencies from start to finish. We are prepared, trained, and equipped to remove fallen trees or save damaged trees with proper pruning techniques when possible.